Friday, September 14, 2018

Cons Of Working At Home

Carving out space, Many people are able to dedicate a room to their home office. But for many, finding a spare bedroom can be a challenge. Meaning, a lot of “home offices” are just a corner of the living room where you set up your desk. For others, a home office is wherever they can find a space to sit with their laptop. Also Distractions. I’ve always thought that family members who also live in your home could be a big distraction until you become more effective at setting boundaries. But recently, hearing business owners talking about needy pets as well. You can tell a family member that you’re working…but it’s not quite so easy to have that same conversation with your dog. If your business requires your clients to come to you for some reason, then you won’t want to invite them home with you. This situation can become a bit challenging, so you’ll have to set up ways to manage these meetings…and Panera and Starbucks aren’t always the best answer.

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