Monday, April 30, 2018

Expanding Your Business

When looking for growth and expansion opportunities location is keybut before opening,   consider the size of your target market. You need to be sure that you will be capturing more of that market by opening that new location. and not just making it easier for some of your existing clients. Location is not just the building, it can also be within the building. Being on the ground floor, being very visible, being close to an entrance or where people are going to walk past, being near the anchor tenant,  all those are choice areas. Your client base is one of the most valuable things that you are going to have.Those are people who if you treat them right and appreciate them, they will come back. They are also the ones who, if you disappoint, can also do a lot of damage because they have experienced you. They will talk with authority.As you build your client base, understand who these people are, their preferences. Ask questions, get their feedback, especially feedback that is not positive, because that is what will tell you where you can learn and grow.

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