Friday, October 19, 2018

What Space Do You Need

Your spatial needs depend on the number of employees you have, what kind of workspace your employees need, whether you need conference rooms and other factors. Typically, assume that each employee will need 75 to 150 total square feet, with management-level employees needing 150 to 400 square feet, which accounts for dedicated work and office space per employee.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

High-Profile Business Address

Location continues to play an important role in how a business is viewed and its professional status. Whether you sign a traditional lease, buy property, or utilize temporary office space, a high-profile business address can take your company a step further beyond the competition.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Benefits of Foot Traffic

One of the biggest perks for these types of locations is that they do not need to rent out dedicated parking space for their customers. After all, most of their customers will come on foot. Moreover, the cost of parking space inside a city center can be quite high. Choosing a business location that attracts foot traffic rather than vehicular traffic can be beneficial for business, the environment, and the overall health of the community.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Your Own Boss

Starting your own business on the side is one of the most powerful ways to take control of your life and make extra money month after month. You can start with just a few hours a week, even if you have a job. And best of all, you get to choose your hours, pick projects you find exciting, and meet interesting people. And getting started isn’t hard. You don’t need a home office or a Starbucks. You just need the right office.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Office Design

The design of the office is key. No one wants to work in a dark, dingy office – you need an abundance of natural light. The natural light will improve the focus of the workforce as well as increasing efficiency. The should be motivating and positive; it should have a fresh design that creates increased productivity within the space to communicate. The design should be relatable to your industry space, lots of natural light and room to build exciting campaigns – also, if you spend much of your time engaged in deep creative thought then findings suggest yellow may stimulate creativity.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Don’t dive in without a plan

just like the business plan, it’s critical to think through any initiative you wish to launch. When you’re in the midst of startup fever, it’s easy to get wrapped up with every new idea. However, be careful about losing focus. Moving forward is critical for any startup, and constantly switching directions can impede this forward progress. With each new idea, step back and think how it fits into your company’s overall goal and vision, then create a plan for how to make it happen.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Cons Of Working At Home

Carving out space, Many people are able to dedicate a room to their home office. But for many, finding a spare bedroom can be a challenge. Meaning, a lot of “home offices” are just a corner of the living room where you set up your desk. For others, a home office is wherever they can find a space to sit with their laptop. Also Distractions. I’ve always thought that family members who also live in your home could be a big distraction until you become more effective at setting boundaries. But recently, hearing business owners talking about needy pets as well. You can tell a family member that you’re working…but it’s not quite so easy to have that same conversation with your dog. If your business requires your clients to come to you for some reason, then you won’t want to invite them home with you. This situation can become a bit challenging, so you’ll have to set up ways to manage these meetings…and Panera and Starbucks aren’t always the best answer.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Business Mailing Address

Van Nuys Offices offers all members the option to rent a business mailing address. By having a business mailing address on Van Nuys Blvd, you send a strong message to current and future clients that you are a stable and thriving business. A business mailing address makes your office space officially your home. Communicating that you reside in one place is not only appealing to customers, it is appealing to prospective employees. Job security is important, and seeing that you are grounded will build trust in your company. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

Location Location

Small business owners have a lot to worry about before they open their doors for the first time: There is funding to secure, employees to hire and equipment to buy. There’s another consideration that can’t be ignored, and that’s location. Your address can influence your ability to attract customers, provide service and hire the best workers. The lowest-priced office space might not be the best choice for your company. One important thing to think about is the image you want to impart with your office space. You certainly want to make a good impression on clients and customers. Accordingly, a professional services firm such as a law office might seem out of place in an industrial park. At the same time, you don’t want to seem wasteful or extravagant — a scrappy startup in an expensive office tower might not appear to be spending its money wisely. Small business owners must also consider whether they want to be in the middle of a metropolitan area, on the outskirts or somewhere in between. A centralized location puts you in reach of many potential employees, customers, and clients. However, office rates may be more attractive in less dense and more remote areas. Look for office spaces with good transportation options. Employees, customers, and clients might prefer to use public transportation, especially in big cities. Others might be driving, so it should be easy to locate the office and find parking. A real estate agent should be able to help you with research, and you might want to think about hiring a consultant if your needs are tricky.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Make It Anywhere

Van Nuys, the toughest and arguably most vibrant cosmopolitan city, is a global hub for business, fashion, and food. A melting pot of culture and diversity, Van Nuys is a fertile testing ground for brands looking to expand with a pop-up store or temporary retail venture.
They say “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” and growing international brands have shown that to be true. Temporary retail stores and pop-up shops have been on-the-rise in the big apple for years, and are increasing at an exponential rate. Brands from all over the world have launched new products here, testing ideas on a highly reactive and forward thinking customer base.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Organizing Your Desk

In the office, your desk is your command center. And how well it's organized can help set the tone and productivity level at work. Supplies used every day can go on the desk. Items used a couple times a week should go in a drawer under or to the side of a desk. Getting up even just once a day for a pencil or paper clip is shutting your brain off a project you are working on and you will have to come back and re-center. Put frequently-used items, like the phone or supplies, on your dominant side to avoid having to reach across. Maintaining work-life balance is hard, especially on your desk. Family pictures, vacation souvenirs, and other trinkets can provide positive feelings during the work day, but too many mementos can be a distraction. control your inbox. E-mail is a convenient way to communicate, but it can also be a major distraction. If it becomes too much of a distraction, Trager recommended designating certain time periods throughout the day to check and respond to email. Only keep relevant and active projects and documents on your desk. When work gets backed up, it's easy to get overwhelmed and stall productivity keeping a desk organized requires frequent upkeep and assessments, so be sure to take a weekly scan of your desk to make sure everything still deserves a spot on your workspace..

Monday, August 27, 2018

Virtual Offices

If you are not ready for a full-time office space, but you require a high-profile business address and a lot of the benefits that go along with it, Virtual Office Plans may be ideal for you. You can focus on running your business A virtual office provides you with many of the benefits of a full-time office for just a fraction of the cost. technology has made it possible to work from almost anywhere, which can make spending money on real estate and overhead for a brick and mortar office unnecessary, especially for startups. Virtual offices help people cultivate their businesses anywhere by providing a business address and communication system without the expenses that come with keeping up a physical location. In addition to financial and mobility benefits, virtual offices also offer added flexibility to keep employees working at the times that best fit their and their clients’ schedules. Services including renting a temporary conference room for a meeting or providing a professional business address make virtual offices ideal for startups or small businesses in need of the same professional appearance of larger businesses.

Friday, August 24, 2018


Your number #1 priority when starting your business is establishing trust.  Having a physical office address for your business is an important trust and credibility factor. A physical office address puts out the appearance that the business is successful and trustworthy – providing a professional appearance to customers and colleagues.
When you don’t have one, people start getting the wrong ideas, that you’re hiding something or that you really don’t exist.  A company is at risk of losing business and not being found online if they don’t have a physical address.  Although some business starters prefer using their home address I recommend people not to.   It’s not a good idea because there would be the possibility of having a potential customer or salesperson show up on the front doorstep of your home.  Believe it or not, some people may not take your business seriously if they believe you are working out of your home.    Virtual office space. Virtual office spaces or virtual business addresses provide you with a professional-looking mailing address, and many also offer additional features and facilities, such as receptionist services and meeting spaces which can be rented when you need them    Coworking space. Much like virtual office space, coworking spaces provide you with a more professional mailing address to use for your business and meeting and conference rooms you can use. However, coworking spaces also offer you a physical space to actually work in, along with the use of shared resources, such as Wi-Fi. If you find yourself working at the local coffee shop in order to occasionally escape the isolation of working at home, membership in a coworking space may be an option to consider.   USPS Post Office Box While this option solves many of the home address problems, it does not solve the professional image problem and it does not solve the Google verification problem.PO Boxes come with some added problems of their own. They will not be accepted by banks and most government agencies like a business address, they will not appear on Google map searches, and many delivery services will not deliver packages to a PO Box.  Private Mailbox Rental.  When you use a private mailbox service, you don’t have to publish your home address.  This is especially beneficial to business owners who have a home office and want to keep the location private.  A private mailbox service will notify you when there is mail in your personal mailbox.  Now you don’t have to waste trips going to the post office to see if you’ve received mail. With a private mailbox rental, someone is always there to receive important letters or packages.    Use a Mail-Scanning or Mail-Forwarding Service.  Fortunately, there are plenty of services that will receive your mail for you, scan the outside of the envelopes, and make the scan available to you, to decide if they should open it or not. From the envelope scan, you decide if you want the contents scanned, the mail discarded, or have the contents forwarded to you.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Cut down on your commute hours, boost productivity, and reduce overhead costs with virtual office space in today. Quest Workspaces offers flexible, short- and long-term solutions for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Our virtual office gives you the opportunity to work the way you want at a fraction of the cost. Our shared office spaces help you focus on growing your business. We offer meeting room rentals in Van Nuys available at a moment’s notice. With a professional staff and complete amenities, Quest virtual offices can help you run more productive meetings with your team. Van Nuys Office is a hub for local and international businesses in the advertising, finance, entertainment, and tourism industries. As a city full of businesses ranging from a sole proprietorship to multinational firms, the city can accommodate different-sized companies. Maximize your business opportunities and start by choosing from our office spaces for lease today.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

My Office is Your Office

For those of you who have a large clientele, your office is for your clients as much as it is for you.

By this I mean that, it would be in your best interest to allow your office to be accommodating for you and your clients. Think about it. When you go in to a dentist’s office does he make everyone stand? No, he has chairs that allow his clients to be comfortable before they get drilled.

So consider this, do you have chairs to accommodate one or more clients (depending on how much business you receive). Is there enough room for them to sit comfortably or will they be packed in like sardines.

Is there a restroom available to them in case they need one?

Do you have water for them to drink in case they are thirsty?

Does your building allow for free public parking or is there a fee? Some people may be detoured by the fact that there is a lack of free parking or that there is a lack of parking spaces in your business area.

Ultimately it is up to you where you rent your office, but keep in mind your office is for your clientele as much as it is for you.

Friday, August 3, 2018

Be More Productive

Being productive at work is not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. It’s about careful preparation, smart use of your time and to be highly motivated. A really great way to make sure you don’t slack on your schedule is to let your team members know when you plan on completing a certain task. Now it won’t just be yourself you’re letting down if you miss the deadline. Such a large part of being productive comes down to being organized. Plan tasks for specific times of the day based on their difficulty. Your workspace has a significant impact on your overall mood and, consequently, how well you’re able to perform. We spend so much of our week at our desk that it’s foolish not to make an effort to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere for yourself during this time. There are many different ways you can increase your productivity, but in order to benefit fully from them you need to be truly committed to the cause; a desire to succeed is essential to maximize your output.
If you’re someone who is used to cutting corners and doing the minimum required then all of the above might be difficult at first. That’s OK, change can be uncomfortable but the reward is never too far around the corner.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Home Office vs. Leased Office Space

Operating out of the home can be a big plus for many small business owners.  By significantly lowering your expense, you can improve your profit margins in a good amount of times and reduce your risks if the business heading down. In a home office, many entrepreneurs get sidetracked by housework, kids, their pets, or a multitude of other distractions. While you may be thinking that you could always close the door to your home office, it’s a lot easier said than done.  With a  leased office space, you are there to work, and there are a lot fewer distractions to make sure you stay on track.  Having a physical location can sometimes result in bonus business just because customers can see you and decide to try your product or service.

Monday, May 7, 2018

One of our tenants story

On June 2016, a gentleman walked in our offices asking us if  we have a very small offices for him. He was was just barely starting his new business and was just looking to settle in to start his work. So we started showing him the offices we had available, we told him our office are 24 access including utilities, we can provide him a chair a desk and filing cabinet if wanted, we included keys for our building key for his offices and keys for the restroom, and finally we offered a business plate for the office door. He took one of our $150 office and just loved it. A few month passed and his business was expanding he asked for another offices and a few weeks later he asked for another office! Now his business is doing outstanding and as of today he's still with us and his business is still expanding. 

Monday, April 30, 2018

Expanding Your Business

When looking for growth and expansion opportunities location is keybut before opening,   consider the size of your target market. You need to be sure that you will be capturing more of that market by opening that new location. and not just making it easier for some of your existing clients. Location is not just the building, it can also be within the building. Being on the ground floor, being very visible, being close to an entrance or where people are going to walk past, being near the anchor tenant,  all those are choice areas. Your client base is one of the most valuable things that you are going to have.Those are people who if you treat them right and appreciate them, they will come back. They are also the ones who, if you disappoint, can also do a lot of damage because they have experienced you. They will talk with authority.As you build your client base, understand who these people are, their preferences. Ask questions, get their feedback, especially feedback that is not positive, because that is what will tell you where you can learn and grow.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Ambitious And Hungry For Success

If you keep telling yourself that you will never gain success or that you are not hard-working enough to take challenging tasks, you will never ever become ambitious. Negative self-talk can destroy your self-esteem and confidence and lead to the road of misery. When you have a negative thought, try to turn it into a positive thought. Positive internal dialogue is a perfect motivator and energy-booster. When you try a lot at things, you are naturally going to fail. Don't be afraid of making mistakes or falling short. Failure is only permanent if you stop trying.Every great success story, every incredible biography, any mind blowing achievement we’ve ever heard; all of them had ambition as one of its core elements.  The path to anything great cannot be reached without ambition. For example, when Thomas Edison finally created the light bulb, he famously said, "I didn't fail; I just found 2,000 ways not to make a light bulb." Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are one of the greatest basketball player to play the sport of basketball  both have set multiple all time records and have become champions of their time but yet both hold the record for all-time missed shots! That just shows that every can fail but it take someone with great ambition to succeed and move forward from their failure/mistakes.

“Don’t be afraid to be ambitious about your goals. Hard work never stops. Neither should your dreams.” 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Never Give Up On Your Dreams

If you give up now what are your options? Where are you going to be in life? A drift? Aimless? Imagine how that is going to make you feel. Perhaps there’s a particular product or service you’ve launched that is plainly not going to be “the one.” Regard it as nothing more than a detour on your journey to success. There’s not a straight line to success. You’re going to hit bumps in the road that at the time feel like mountains. But you can get over them. In fact, making mistakes is virtually a necessary part of building a business. If you’re not making mistakes you’re not experimenting. You’re not trying new approaches. You’re not going anywhere. They key thing is to make sure that you learn from the mistakes. Most of all, don’t surrender your precious dreams because one day you will achieve them. And, when you do, the ecstasy will make all of the agony so worthwhile. Imagine being able to celebrate with your family and friends who have been rooting for your business. Just think about the pleasure you will all feel. Crossing the finishing line and winning your personal goal is a sense of accomplishment that’s almost indescribable. So go for it and don’t quit because you certainly don’t want to miss out on the experience of savoring it.Dreams are essential for an entrepreneur, and with determination you will achieve them. The road is never an easy one, but it’s absolutely worth it.

Your dreams are only awake if you are.