Tuesday, August 21, 2018

My Office is Your Office

For those of you who have a large clientele, your office is for your clients as much as it is for you.

By this I mean that, it would be in your best interest to allow your office to be accommodating for you and your clients. Think about it. When you go in to a dentist’s office does he make everyone stand? No, he has chairs that allow his clients to be comfortable before they get drilled.

So consider this, do you have chairs to accommodate one or more clients (depending on how much business you receive). Is there enough room for them to sit comfortably or will they be packed in like sardines.

Is there a restroom available to them in case they need one?

Do you have water for them to drink in case they are thirsty?

Does your building allow for free public parking or is there a fee? Some people may be detoured by the fact that there is a lack of free parking or that there is a lack of parking spaces in your business area.

Ultimately it is up to you where you rent your office, but keep in mind your office is for your clientele as much as it is for you.

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