Friday, July 20, 2012

Ask Questions

 When renting an office it can be difficult at times to get all the information about the property.  Especially when the owner is just trying to get your money and not making sure the space is right for you.

It is a great idea when looking for an office to ask lots of questions. Just to be sure your getting what your paying for.

Here are some questions you might want to ask:

Q: How many square feet is the space?

Q: What is the monthly rent?

Q: Are there any additional fees such as taxes, assessments etc?

Q: Is it a lease or month by month renting.

Q: What type of deposit do you require? First month’s rent + last month’s rent?

Q: Are utilities such as electric, heat and air conditioning included?

Q: Do I have control of my own thermostat or is it controlled elsewhere? If controlled elsewhere, what are the settings?

Q: Are janitorial services included? If so what and how often?

Q: How many parking spaces am I allowed, and are those spaces assigned? If the spots are assigned, where are my spots?

Q: Am I allowed to park over night?

Q: What type of security does this building offer? Cameras, security guard etc?

Q: How soon will complaints be addressed from the time the complaint is filed? For example if my toilet stops working how soon will it be fixed?

Q: What type of signage am I allowed? Mail box, building directory, street, window? Who pays for this?

 Hopefully these questions will help you obtain the right office for you. Also think of more that you feel would benefit your office renting needs.

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